Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proposed Kitchen Retrofit

My friend wants to redo her kitchen and she asked me to send a few quick sketches her way for inspiration. She has a suburban split level home built in the 1970s. As you walk in the front door, an existing L-shaped kitchen with breakfast table is straight ahead with sliding glass doors that overlook a screened in porch and large yard. Her husband is a contractor, so I think she'll get a deal on the construction. Here were the ideas I sent her.

Scheme 1: Kitchen Location to Remain
This scheme keeps the kitchen where it is, demolishes a partition wall between the kitchen and dining, and creates an open concept kitchen/dining room with a breakfast bar. This was the approach she and her husband were thinking of when she talked to me. The problems associated with this design are that it requires moving the sliding glass doors to the dining room side, replacing the window to fit above the counters, and exterior brick work associated with this move. It would also result in people looking at the kitchen sink immediately upon entering the home, which could be a problem.

Scheme 1 Plan: Kitchen Location to Remain

Scheme 1 Perspective Sketch

Scheme 2: Relocated Kitchen
This scheme proposes moving the kitchen to where the current dining room is and moving the new kitchen/dining table to where the kitchen is. The existing partition wall would still be removed to create an open concept space, but the only exterior work required would be a shorter window to accommodate the counter height. I have also adding a pantry and closet to close off the kitchen to the living room (below page, not shown), creating a more uniform living space.

Scheme 2 Plan: Relocated Kitchen

Scheme 2 Perspective Sketch

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