Saturday, September 10, 2005

Small Balcony Retreat

concept sketch
for this small balcony on a highrise near chicago, the constraints are plentyful. the small triangular space measures only 5'x8' at its widest point, it is on the 5th floor in a city known for its cold wind, and nothing can be permanently adhered to the structure.
small balcony plan
the client has a bonsai hobby, so amy created a bonsai balcony complete with dwarf tree and contemplative bench. because ithe solid guardrail obscures any view while seated, the space is inward and contemplative. a flat riverstone pebble mat is mechanically fastened to the concrete floor and a flexcrete triangular concrete planter holds a dwarf evergreen juniper.

bonsai tree as focal point

Friday, September 9, 2005

Cradle to Cradle Home Competition Entry

I haven't uploaded a lot of portfolio work here because i have a hard time uploading and formatting portfolio work on blogger when I will need to hire someone to produce an official website/portfolio in a year or so. But in honor of my Biomimicry Certificate Program interview tomorrow, I thought I would post my entry for the cradle to cradle home competition of 2004 because I referenced it in my essays.

Amy's C2C Home Competition Entry.  Click to enlarge.

the contemporary cradle2cradle home is designed for deconstruction and adaptability. it incorporates a central fireplace for cooking and warmth, operable night insulation, external louvers, and passive ventilation. it supplies its own food and energy, treats its own waste, and is composed of materials that maintain their integrity through multiple lifecycles or are returned to the earth for recycling; the c2c home improves the site on which it sits.