Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Practical Sustainability

i've been doing a lot of thinking about what i want this blog to be: interesting, fun and interactive. i want it to help connect a community of similar interests. while my expertise is sustainable architecture, i want it to be more than that -

connecting people in practical sustainable lifestyles

i don't always live up to my ideals. i live in a large house in the suburbs of chicago. i bought this house so that my kids could go to great schools and i could have a yard to grow my own food. but because of these choices, some of the things i do are really just putting "lipstick on a pig." will my hybrid cars, rainbarrel and organic garden ever make up for the embodied energy to build this house that is really too large for my family of four? no, but we did join a walkable community where everything we need is within walking distance so we rarely use the cars. life is about compromise. we make choices that we feel will give ourselves and our families the best chance in life, and sometimes this does not agree with other principles we try to live by.

i think we all do the best we can with what we have. and that's what i'll try to showcase here. practical sustainability.

here is a taste of some ongoing columns i plan to maintain:

Sustainable Education: interesting things i do or read about
Design Inspiration: projects, authors, or concepts that make me hopeful
Garden Gossip: digest of my organic garden
Wine Tasting: just for fun, wines i like and don't like, organic and conventional

thank you for coming on this journey with me. i hope you enjoy the ride.

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