Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden Gossip: What I (tried to) grow in the summer of 2010

My mentor once told me that she didn't need to remember anything she can look up.  I'm not sure that's entirely accurate because a lot of what I do involves thinking on my feet.  But with the advent of blogs, looking things up has become so much easier.  So, because I am like my mentor and have a hard time remembering specific details, I am veering off of the sustainability course a bit to discuss wine and gardening, two things I love.

What I tried to grow from Seeds:
  • Sweet Orange TMV F Tomato (Hybrid) (Stokes) - This particular type of cherry tomato is vigorous.  It's taking over everything and toppling its cage.  I hope to get a good yield this year.
  • Sweet Basil (Stokes) - easy to grow and tasty.
  • Cubanelle Pepper (Stokes)- pathetic and small.  no peppers yet at all.  i will need to start them earlier next year.
  • Riverside Sweet Spanish Onion (Stokes)- i think the cilantro bolting killed these by shading them out.  i don't see them anywhere anymore.  i try to plant in polyculture, but this was not the best paring. 
  • Large Leaf Italian Parsley (Stokes)- parsley is so boring, i don't know why i grow it.  especially since it grows wild from scattered seed in other areas of the garden.  likely won't buy this again next year.
  • Sunmaster Cilantro (Stokes) - Need more cilantro!  I think I need to dedicate a whole section of the garden for growing this stuff because I use it so much.  It bolts so quickly and becomes Coriander, which is fine, but I like the leaves.
  • Green Beans (Stokes) - fabulous, except the bunnies think so too
  • Chile Pepper (Stokes)- pathetic.  buy a seedling or start seeds much earlier.
  • Bellestar Tomato (Stokes)- lots of fruit.  fingers crossed.
  • Chamomile (Stokes)- planted along stepping stones for decoration.  still very small, but i am hopeful.
  • Dill (Botanical Interests).  i got this packet free with a gift.  i don't use it.  supposedly i won't be able to get rid of it anymore either.  we'll see.
  • Pumpkin (Botanical Interests).  i got this packet free with a gift. i don't have room for such things, but my daughter is very excited.  wait and see
  • Watermellon (Botanical Interests).  i got this packet free with a gift. see pumpkin.
  • Cantelope (Botanical Interests).  i got this packet free with a gift. see pumpkin.
  • Viola (for eczema and vericose veins) (Plantation Products from Jewel) - just leaves so far.  pretty boring.
  • Nasturtium (for bacterial infections) (Plantation Products from Jewel) - this didn't take
What I grew from shoot or root:
  • Mary Washington Asparagus (Home Depot) - after the first shoots were eaten by vermin, the second ones seems to be doing well.  i'm looking forward to this perennial many years into the future.
  • Shallots (Home Depot) - these may require more water than i give them, because they aren't looking too  good. 
What I bought plants or seedlings of:
  • Mint (Whole Foods) - grown in a pot with snap dragons.  it isn't growing as vigorously this summer, but the pot is on the other side of the yard and doesn't get watered as much. 
  • Jalapenos (unknown) - gang busters and caliente!
  • Rosemary (Whole Foods) - beautiful tree shaped specimen.  i planted it in a pot this year.  apparently chicago winters are harder than coastal new jersey winters and rosemary dies outside.  huh.
  • Oregano (Whole Foods) - believe it or not, this overwintered in the garden last year.  how is that possible?
  • Bay leaf - outside in a pot after wintering in my home.  it survived!!!
  • Thyme - inherited from previous owner and alive
  • Chives - new after the gardeners installing new planting beds ripped up my old plants
  • Tarragon - don't know why i guy it.  i never use it.
  • Blueberries - 5 plants of various varieties for cross polination
  • Blackberries - birds ate them all.  i transplanted from last year, so i am hopeful next year will be better.  i also need to put a net up after the fruit sets.
  • Raspberries.  see blackberries.  same deal.
  • Strawberries.  nothing.  i have nothing!  i guess something is eating the flowers before they even have a chance to grow.  so disappointing.  too many leaves, no fruit.
I will definitely keep updating what I learn this year, simply so I can remember for the next.

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